Since the founding of Tecnocut, in 1993, we have carried out several corporate changes. The one we are presenting now is the most significant of all because it aims to position us as a leading technology company within the label industry. We have made a logo restyling, where we have integrated the baseline, Technology for the Label Industry, and we have changed our corporate graphic line.
These changes will help us to transmit an image that especially strengthens the work of our engineering department and the products developed entirely under our own brand.
At the same time, we launched the website, with a more elegant and easy-navigation design, which classifies our portfolio into three categories: engineering, tooling and machinery. A new presentation card, with excellent photos, technical specifications of each product, videos, brochures … in two languages: English and Spanish.
All this, in order to transmit a high quality image that allows us to project, nationally and internationally, as a reference company within the label industry.