Performed in a very precise tolerance, strong magnets, hardened bearers and stainless steel body our Magnetic Cylinders

guarantee the maximum clamping force and precision of the magnetic plates, allowing extending product life.


cilindro de impresión

The cylinder bodies are made from aircraft grade aluminum or steel. Concentricity tolerances of less than 00024“are

achieved thanks to a precision surface finishing process. If required, the cylinders can also be supplied with a hardened anodized coating to prevent damage. Horizontal and lineal positioning lines help to ensure that the print plate is mounted correctly.
Cylinders with larger dimensions are manufactured as “lightweight cylinders”. To make these, flanges are press-fitted into an aluminum pipe. The quality is completely identical to solid tools, but the weight savings can be up to 75%, depending on the dimensions of the cylinder.


cilindros anilox

The anilox roll’s ink distribution system is what makes the difference in flexography. That’s why it is so critical that your anilox

roll is manufactured to perform with consistency and reliability.
Pamarco uses wound carbon – Fiber/Steel Journal construction – ceramic coated and laser engraved using EFlo™, EFlo-HD™ or ThermaFlo™ engraving method. The vastly reduced weight makes it very easy to handle and ideal for multiple roll changes or where hoisting is not present.
We offer an Anilox re-engraving service. Worn or damaged Anilox rolls can be reused. It is a fast service and the result is the same quality as a new one.

pamarco anilox


cilindros base

Anvils are characterized by their precision in the concentric turn, they are made from hardened steel up to 58-60 HRC. Free from

irregularities, consistent and precise they offer great durability and wear resistance.
For special applications it is possible to manufacture parts with different hardnesses and technical characteristics.



The sheeter provides a special system of cross-cutting and perforation. There are two standard height blades. On request is

possible to produce different height. In order to ensure the long life of cutter, knives are made of hardened steel.
Sheeters are available in two versions: for cutting or perforating labels.


cilindros de caucho

We offer rubber coated cylinders like varnish, lacquer and lamination cylinders. Rubber hardness and type type depend on the

customer request.
We offer the whole cylinder or just the rubber.


mangas de impresión

Due to its lightweight construction Aluminum Sleeves are a perfect alternative to conventional sleeves. The main advantages

are obvious: Increased reliability and better concentricity which means a perfect and precise surface.


Trelleborg manufactures wide web and narrow web plate mounting sleeves since more than 20 years, with an average life

life span of 10 years. Thanks to their unique composite honeycomb structure, Axcyl flexo sleeves are the lightest, the stiffest and also the most stable of the market. Specially designed mounting layer has been optimized to filter vibration coming from the printing plate: Axcyl offers less press bounce, thus higher productivity.
Honeycomb structures enable high rigidity and extremely low density.
Shock absorbing faces.
Totally sealed sleeve, compatible with sleeve cleaning machines.
Reinforced register slot from any sleeve thickness (Carbon/Kevlar, or metal insert over 15 mm wall thickness).
Cutting guide in option.



kit tintado

It’s a printing cylinder that uses removable rubber coating sleeves. Need air pressure to fit sleeves on position. This Air Cylinder can

varnish or print full surface inking.



We offer a variety of precision gears to industries beyond printing and converting. Tecnocut provides the quality you

expect for Ground gears, helical, spur and fine pitch.



Kocher + Beck offers top quality to meet the most stringent demands, the versatility of Al Universal Flexible Dies:

renders them suitable for all types of self-adhesive and single-material products: paper, PP, PE, PVT, PET, Tyvek, thin films on PET liner material and other materials that are difficult to cut. Al dies are suitable for all jobs involving kiss cutting and cutting down to anvil. They are CNC-sharpened and feature smooth polished cutting edges obtained using an ultra-fine edge polishing technique. Profile heights range from 0.30 to 1.5mm and cutting angles vary, depending on the material, from 30º to 110º.We recommend competitively priced, SAP-quality flexible dies for paper applications with geometric shapes.
Kocher+Beck was the first manufacturer in the world to achieve hardness levels of 65 to 68 HRC thanks to the laser hardening technology that it developed. You benefit from the extended service life of the die, which is between 2 and 3 times longer than the life of a conventional die. Compared to the process used by other manufacturers, who apply chrome or other galvanized coatings; Kocher+Beck´s laser procedure is completely environmentally friendly and helps to conserve resources. 3L Laser Long Life flexible dies can be used for the same applications as Universal quality dies.

kocher beck


We have Jm Heaford photopolymer assemblers, which we sell exclusively, which allow a cliché assembly in the cylinder or

shirt of high precision that allows to register in machine reliably and fast. This process guarantees a high quality printing and savings in preparation times of the equipment, especially interesting in medium and short runs.



Due to its highly symmetrical nickel coating, the TecScreen fabric is robust in terms of handling and printing and tolerant to

foreign matter and splices. The TecScreen grades offered by Kocher+Beck cover all common printing tasks and are available for all machine types on the market. TecScreen can be processed conventionally with films in a exposure unit; common digital UV image setters can also be used for imaging.
TecScreen screen printing plates are available from stock in common widths as rolls, special roll dimensions and sheets are picked and packaged as per customer request. For the formatting of sheets, Kocher+Beck uses a special processing technique which permits tolerances of less than 1/100 mm.

kocher beck


troqueles rotativos macisos

We manufacture all types of rotary dies for different applications and sectors. Measurements and special gaps,

assisted by air and with special treatments according to the needs of the work to be done.


cilindros macho hembra

Can achieve a three-dimension label to make an attractive and distinctive appearance. Application in one cutting station.


Tecnocut repair, retools and reshapes tools every day. You will always receive personalized attention to succeed on your converting issues. Even if you had a solid die which requires repair and sharpening, our team is willing to make it.


reparación utillaje

All types of tools are repaired, such as magnetic, base and printing cylinders, as well as pressure control pressure gauges…


kocher beck
pamarco anilox