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CookiesInformatión (*)FinalityOpt-out (*)
Strictly necessarySession, registration, shopping cart data, data to distinguish free services from payment servicesRecord Management
Provide services of the information society requested by the user and in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions
PublicityFrequency with which ads are shownImprove and manage the exposure of advertising to the user
(the information collected below has been provided by those third parties)ies)
AnalíticasChartbeat, Inc.Duration and frequency of the visit, country, region, type of device, reference source and search terms that have led to the website.Real-time information about website traffic.See
Optimizely, Inc.Browser, device, pages visited and other variables that are relevant for the A / B tests that are performed.Perform A / B tests in order to offer the version of the website that provides a better user experience.See
Crazy Egg, Inc.Browser, operating system, IP address, country, time of the visit, device type and reference source.“Heat maps” showing which areas of the web page most often passes the mouse pointer or areas where more clicks are made.See
Adobe Analytics -Omniture-
Websites visited and navigation time, web that leads to the site, searches performedStatistical reports on how users find the website, how they use it and if it works correctlySee
Score Card Research
(Full Circle Studies, Inc.)
Time of navigation, website visited and information related to the navigation itselfCreate reports on general patterns of website visitsSee
(CXense, AS)
User preferences, information about interaction with the website (requested service, date and time), type of browser and language, geographical locationImprove and manage the exposure of ads to the user by preventing ads that have already been seenSee
(Google, Inc.)
Information about the ads that have been shown to a user, about which they are interested and about visiting the advertiser’s websiteSee
(Admeta AB)
User Preferences, Visits Pages, and User Equipment Details, Click Flow DataSee
Publicidad comportamentalAudience Science
(AudienceScience, Inc.)
Information on preferences or interests in products and / or services collected during navigationShow custom ads based on user behavior or preferences and improve ad campaignsSee
Media Mind
(Digital Generation, Inc.)
IP address, type of operating system, type of browser, pages visitedCustomize your ad campaigns and show ads that fit your user preferencesSee
KruxDevice, operating system, browser, pages visited, interaction on certain dynamic pages (clicks)Customize your ad campaigns and show ads that fit your user preferencesSee

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