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Magnetic cylinders

Designed with very precise tolerances, high quality magnets and steel bearing rings, the Magnetic Cylinders guarantee the maximum clamping force and precision of the magnetic plates, allowing to extend the life of the product.

The final result is a high precision cut, achieving excellent results and satisfying the specific needs of each client.

Print Cylinders

In order to guarantee the best results, the printing cylinders are manufactured in aluminum or steel and with high precision grinding, providing reliability and accuracy. The high quality gears are designed according to the requirements of each machine model.

The larger cylinders are manufactured lightened for easy use and handling. There is the possibility of incorporating centering lines.


We offer gears for all types of flexographic machine, in different qualities according to requirements.

Anvil rolls

Manufactured with hardened aluminum and CNC machines in order to achieve top quality results.

Print sleeves (Aluminum)

Its easy manufacture allows an easy installation, the cylinders can be anodized.

Plate mounting machine

We have Jmheaford photopolymer assemblers, which we sell exclusively, which allow a cliché assembly in the cylinder or shirt of high precision that allows to register in machine reliably and fast. This process guarantees a high quality printing and savings in preparation times of the equipment, especially interesting in medium and short runs.


The flexographic print sleeves we sell exclusively Axcyl brand, are of the highest quality and stand out because they allow:

  • Absolute sealing that prevents the penetration of solvent and ink.
  • Compatible with sleeve cleaning machines.
  • Absorption of frontal impacts and prevention of premature damage of the edges.
  • Record slot reinforced from any thickness of the sleeve (carbon / kevlar or metal insert).
  • Vibration filtration thanks to the mounting damping layer.
  • Honeycomb structures allow for high stiffness and extremely low density.

Flexible dies

Manufactured by Kocher & Beck, with the highest quality to meet the most demanding needs of our customers. Sharpened with CNC technique and ground with high precision can be adapted for all types of materials.

Among its main characteristics are:

  • Maximum precision, also with individually defined cutting angles.
  • Special geometries such as cut contours with one or two sides for problematic applications.
  • Microperforations up to 60 teeth / inch, also in special geometries.
  • Slit-overperforation.
  • Minimum tolerances of heights and cutting edges.
  • Possibility of perimeter cutting lines or contours.


There are two types, cut or perforated. They are made of hardened aluminum to guarantee the life of the strap that can be of different heights.

Air cylinder

With an air adapter to apply the rubber sleeves, the Tint Kit allows to varnish or anchor to the width that is needed continuously.

Cylinders, rubber and retread

All the machines in our sector use a wide range of rubber cylinders or different compounds. This service is offered for new and retreaded cylinders.

Tec Screen

Our partner Kocher & Beck has developed all kinds of products and solutions for the use of online rotary screen printing in the manufacture of labels.


  • Emulsified and protected mesh ready to use.
  • Mesh served on sheet already cut, or meters. Fast delivery.
  • Wide range of different meshes to cover all needs, from the finest details to the most restyled braille.


  • Mesh cutter / cutter.
  • Mesh welder
  • Insoluble
  • Others…

Anilox Rolls

Anilox Cylinders are a critical product in print quality, they depend on how much ink is applied and how. A stable anilox guarantees optimum print quality. We sell exclusively Piloco anilox cylinders.

In addition to the new anilox cylinders, we offer an anilox re-recording service. With this service you can reuse the old cylinders useless by wear or by blows. It is a faster service, more economical and with the same quality as a new piece.

Repair and sharpening of rotary dies and other tools.

We rectify and sharpen all kinds of rotary dies, both full cut, half cut, two combined heights … We also repair other types of tools such as magnetic cylinders, base cylinders, pressure gauges …