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Máquinas Weigang RemEdition

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Converting Machines


The multifunctional conversion machine consists of several modules. The trajectory of the web is kept as compact as possible for optimum production. The direct access to the rewinders assures an optimum tension of the band and the orientation along the machine. The flexible location of each tooling unit allows the machine to be made to meet different needs.

MultiConvert© table

The multifunctional conversion machine consists of several modules. This allows greater flexibility and ensures the trajectory of the horizontal and straight line of the material for the production.

MultiConvert© compact

The compact option of the MultiConvert © series is the right choice for standardized conversion processes. Electric shafts instead of shafts and mechanical gears guarantee maximum flexibility and precision.

MultiConvert© RFID

Higher quality requirements and almost 100 percent availability. A very efficient machine for quality assurance of your products. Along with the precise registration challenges of all possible coating materials.

Rewinding Tower TR

The rewinding turret TR 4 rewind axes, is a turret that impresses with its control and innovative concept, establishing new standards in the finishing of self-adhesive labels.

MultiConvert© láser compact

MultiConvert© láser compact.

MultiConvert© láser módule

MultiConvert© láser módule.

Special Machines


Machine made for printing and lamination
with fully automatic revolver.






IML Label Stamping and Alignment The newly developed MultiConvert© IML850
is specially designed for die cutting and the IML label line. With a bandwidth of 850 mm the IML850 is able to handle preprinted rolls of press machines.
This extremely easy-to-use punching machine has
very accurate reprint control, a die-cut design for different label sizes and great
flexibility to adjust the conveyor belt.


Special machine based on the MultiConvert © with the unwinding of large rolls, screen to manage the printing options, back band.

Roll to roller, Roll to sheet, Roll to fold


The Digiconvert concept is designed for conversion after digital printing. The desired process may be selected from printing, laminating, die cutting, longitudinal cutting or winding.

The Digiconvert can operate both online with the digital printer and offline. The machine can be extended with additional modules at any time.

Conveyor belt

Individual Attachment – Conveyor Belt.

Laser cutting unit

Individual unit – Laser cutting unit.

Special die-cutting unit

Individual Attachment – Special Die Cutting Unit.

MultiConvert© flachstanze