The Diffsystem allows adjusting micrometrically the gap with the magnetic cylinder. It is used instead of the anvil cylinder in the die-cutting station.

The gap dimension can be adjusted in the range of +/-0.15 mm compared to a standard anvil roll. The adjustment is achieved due the eccentric bearing of the Diffsystem body which freewheels respect the bearer rings.

Through a regulatory knob on the unit frame, the adjustment process can be performed while the Press is at rest or running.

Unlike the other systems, Diffsystem allows a much more precise adjustment. It is possible to regulate the operator side and the transmission side individually, as well as both of them at the same time.

  • – Allow the same cutter to run on backing materials that have a different thickness (glassine, kraft or synthetic).
  • – The gap can be adjusted up and down to accommodate a wide range of width materials without changing the cutter.
  • – Compensate the die wear and extend the die’s life.
  • – Setting control is mounted on the operator side to give easy access to these adjustments.
  • – Drop-in installation. Interchanges simply and easily with standard press anvils with no modification to the die station or press frame.
  • – Adaptable on additional machines of the same type without requiring additional fitting work.
  • – To compensate a non-uniform wear or tool inaccuracies, the gap can be adjusted on one side only.

The best waste matrix stripping system performs a sliding rewinding shaft for astonishing stripping speeds in the label industry. Fully autonomous can be installed on all machines.

Controlled by high-end servo motors that allow the control of the speed, engine torque, accelerations and decelerations in very precise way. Desmasystem makes the machines even more flexible and efficient, with the ability to overcome a critical point of the sector. The waste re-winder moves horizontally while the matrix gets bigger on the shaft unmodifying the distance from the stripping point.

Desmasystem has been designed to make presses more automated and simplify its set-up, as well as to prevent costly downtime during production. It requires a less specialized operator to use the equipment and human and machine errors are sustanible minimized.

  • – Does not affect machine’s software.
  • – In case of replacing machines it is still valid for another machine.
  • – Perfect solution to optimize the entire press process and increase productivity.
  • – Prevents paper’s breakage and shrinkage..
  • – substantial increase of the speed of stripping and prevention of rupture of the waste and consequent machine downtime.
  • – Possibility of maintaining a high-speed machine even in the presence of complex die-cutting shapes or with very thin matrix edges.
  • – Presence of a servo motor to maintain the tension constant even in presence of a variation of the diameter of the matrix.
  • – Opportunity to modify the web path to allow a different angle of detachment of the waste.







Pressure Gauges allow monitoring and adjusting the cutting pressure exerted on the cutting tools, facilitating an effective and controlled process for all die-cutting tasks.

Depending on machine type we offer two Pressure Gauges versions.

  • – Full die-cutting control.
  • – Extended cutting tool life.
  • – Pressure Gauges can be repositioned rapidly when retooling equipment for a different diameter.


This high precision watch is a fundamental tool to know the state of our tool
Allows us:

  • – Check that our magnetic cylinders are in good condition and check that our base cylinders are in good condition.


volteador de material

Device to turn the material and work on the back.


Prepared with funnel to collect the waste. Essential for work done with air assisted dies.


Sistema de corte dorsal

Device for cutting half cut or cut at the bottom on the face or back with independent adjustment of the knives.



Stamping station prepared with funnel to collect the waste. It is essential for work done with air assisted dies.


Device to remove the material cutout and vacuum it. It consists of several adjustable nozzles in position and a collector tank with connection to an aspiration system.


corte longitudinal

Adjustable set of high precision. Axial, individual and joint control. Ideal for half cut and full cut, as well as any material. In a short disc-to-cylinder position.  Changing the blade short position (Gilette) flown. Adaptable for any machine.


Conjunto de corte tijera

Device consisting of 2 blade shafts adjustable independently or jointly. It serves to cutdeep in the direction of the material advance. Connected to the transmission of the machine.



The GapMaster is a world-leading system manufactured by Kocher + Bech for precision adjustment at dielectric distances. It is based on a counter pressure cylinder that allows the distance to the die to be adjusted during the production process, with micrometer accuracy. In this way, the operator is able to process different materials safely.