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Main advantages

  • Significant increase in production speed.
  • Stability.
  • Prevents breakage and paper shrinkage.
  • Autonomous and totally independent equipment.
  • KIT-EXTREM for labels “almost” impossible to peel.

Desmasystem 2.0

The Desmasystem equipment is a system for de-scaling / elimination of the leftovers from the label roll once it has been punched, which leaves the resulting label roll free of debris, separating them into a separate coil.

The equipment allows to work materials and complex forms, difficult to detach, avoiding breakages of mesh and optimizing the speed of work.

It is controlled by servomotors that allow to vary the speed, the torque, the accelerations and the decelerations of very precise form.

It is a totally autonomous system of the machine where it is installed. It needs electricity and compressed air, but it works totally independent, without intervening in the electronic or mechanical of the machine.

In the Desmasystem equipment, the mesh is always accompanied, embracing the rollers and the tractor roller, varying the speed of revolution of the rollers by means of a servomotor as a function of the diameter of the wound coil. Thus the tensions are constant and a more reliable production is achieved.

It incorporates a system to vary the position of the roll of exit in inclination and length, that allows the obtaining of infinite angles of exit, which facilitates the
complex shapes.